Ramadan Essentials Box

Dhs. 125.00


Ramadan, is a month of fasting, introspection, and prayers, it is the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture. With the dedicated Monviso Trading Store Ramadan Essentials Box, we bundled up the main ingredients for the suhoor and iftar meals.

Fresh, wholesome, and healthy ingredients for a wide array of Ramadan recipes will be delivered right to your house.

Noor Sunflower Oil 750ml
Lacnor Full Fat Milk 1Ltr
Lacnor Mango Juice 1Ltr
Lacnor Apple Juice 1Ltr
India Gate Rice 1 Kg
Vimto Cordial Syrup
Bayara Dates 500gm
Bayara Gram Flour 500gm
Monviso water 375ml Still & Sparkling
Apple 1 kg
Orange 1 kg
Banana 1 Kg