Hey Hah Mango Chips 40gms

Dhs. 8.95


If you've ever eaten a vacuum-fried Mango chip, you may have been staring into the bag of the next big thing. Though the bag you remember was likely empty because once you eat one of these puffed little disks of pure Mango essence, you’ll realize that you can't stop — the most important indicator of a successful snack. That makes these so irresistible is the way they are cooked. Vacuum-frying is exactly what it sounds like: putting food into a machine that pressurizes and cooks it with the use of hot oil, but at much lower temperatures than traditional frying methods. At these temperatures, the oil does not decompose so readily, so carcinogens are less present. During a low-heat/high-pressure fry, simple fruits and vegetables become superbly crisp and intense distillations of themselves.Hey Hah snacks are produced in the east coast of Thailand using locally produced fresh produce.

  • Nutritious Mango Flavor is rich in Vitamin B6, A, C
    1. Help Control Hypertension
    2. Prevent Cancer
    3. Nourish the brain
    4. Acne treatment
        • 100% natural tropical fruit snack
        • Vaccuum fried for maximum flavour and freshness
        • No added sugar.
        • No artificial flavours or preservatives.
        • Suitable for vegans
        • Gluten free
        • Add to yoghurt or ice cream for a fruity treat