Hausbrandt Santos Fancy Brasile Coffee Capsules 1x10

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By Martino Zanetti
Santos Fancy NY2 Brasile Capsule
Roasted ground Brazil Santos Fancy NY2 Arabica coffee

A smooth, sweet and balanced coffee, it has a deliciously captivating aftertaste with notes of chocolate, hazelnut, almond and hazelnut chocolate.

Experience an absolutely unforgettable flavor and let yourself be transported to the magical land of one of the seven Wonders of the World. Since 1892, our history in a cup. Coffee selected and processed using our traditional slow roasting system.

Turn the mundane moments into unforgettable ones, just by preparing a cup of Hausbdrant Santos Fancy NY 2 Brasile capsule. Revel in a 100% Arabica single blend coffee. Entice your palate with notes of chocolate, hazelnuts and almonds. A smooth, sweet and balanced experience every time.

Since 1892, Hausbrandt has carefully selected each coffee bean and processed it using a slow roasting system. Now the refined blend can be found in every Santos Fancy NY2 Brasile recyclable capsule. E.P.I.CA (Easy Peel Italian Capsule) is a fully recyclable capsule and it’s first of its kind. An eco-conscious producer uniting with eco-conscious coffee lovers, one cup at a time.

You can’t make a good coffee without water. MonViso Italian Natural Mineral water with a low mineral content of only 47 mg/ litre and the lowest sodium content in the world for a natural mineral water of only 0,33 mg/litre, draws out the flavours of Hausbrandt coffee when prepared by the innovative Guzzini coffee and tea machine.

Coffee Characteristics:

Aroma: 4
Body: 3
Acidity: 3
Sweetness: 5
Retronasal Aroma: 4

Packaging details: 10 capsules per blister; net weight per blister 70 gr


Only suitable for Guzzini | Hausbrandt coffee and tea machine