Hausbrandt Instant Tea with Lemon Capsules 1x10

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By Martino Zanetti
Instant Tea with Lemon Capsule
Instant tea with lemon mix

A sweet, flavorful beverage with delightful citrusy lemon notes. Excellent as a refreshing break, ideal for relaxing moments.

Tea lovers can treat themselves to a hot, full of flavor, and sweet beverage with every Instant Tea with Lemon capsule.  Relax the senses while feel the unmistakable citrus notes in every sip.

Take a refreshing break and prepare in a few seconds a cup of tea using the Instant Tea with Lemon recyclable capsule. Hausbrandt’s E.P.I.CA (Easy Peel Italian Capsule) is the first fully recyclable capsule created to respect current sustainability trends. Great taste of tea, that is great for the environment at the same time.

The ideal water to prepare tea is spring water. MonViso, the Italian Natural Mineral Water is sourced from the highest spring in Europe, at 2,042 metres in the Italian Alps. High purity of water, combined with Hausbrandt’s expertise since 1892 in tea selection, and Guzinni’s innovative coffee and tea machine, make the tastiest cup of tea.

Tea Characteristics:

Aroma: 4
Taste: 4
Body: 3
Retronasal Aroma: 3
Freshnes: 3

Packaging: 10 capsules per blister ; net weight per blister 65 gr


Only suitable for Guzzini | Hausbrandt coffee and tea machine