Hausbrandt Berry Infusion Capsules 1x10

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By Martino Zanetti
Berry Infusion Capsule
Fruit and herbal flavored infusion

All the healthy, delicious goodness of berries is unleashed in a beverage with an intense aroma of red fruits.
Thirst-quenching in the summer months, relaxing in the winter months.
An infusion with a rich, distinct flavor!

Create zen moments when enjoying an exquisite cup of tea, prepared with every Berry Infusion capsule. A perfectly blended infusion of red fruits with a rich and distinct flavour felt in every sip.

Unleash the delicious berries goodness with each Berry Infusion recyclable capsule. Hausbrand created with E.P.I.CA (Easy Peel Italian Capsule) the first recyclable capsule. Enjoy a lavishing cup of tea, while being mindful of the environment at the same time.

One other critical component for a fantastic cup of tea is water. The best one to use has to have a low content of minerals and MonViso Italian Natural Mineral Water fits the description with a TDS of only 47 mg/litre. Enjoy the perfect cup of tea prepared by the Guzzini coffee and tea machine using Hausbrandt Berry Infusion capsules and MonViso Water.

Hausbrandt’s official description:


Tea Characteristics:

Aroma: 5
Taste: 4
Body: 2
Retronasal Aroma: 5
Freshnes: 4

Packaging details: 10 capsules per blister; net weight per blister  20gr


Only suitable for Guzzini | Hausbrandt coffee and tea machine