Blackberries 170gm x 12

Dhs. 187.50


The all-star berries can be enjoyed all year around, even though during the summer months we crave them more.

Blackberries are jammed with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, Iron, Calcium, and many dietary fibers. Including these dark purple fruits in your diet you might be boosting your brain health, improving your oral health, keeping optimal intake of antioxidants, might lower cholesterol levels, or might be good for your skin.

Blackberries can be eaten raw or as part of smoothies, lemonades, or other healthy recipes.

 Product features:

-100% Natural
-low cholesterol
-low sodium
-egg free
-No sugar added
-No preservatives, no additives, no added sugar


How to store Blackberries:

To be Refrigerated and kept in a low-humidity drawer in the fridge.

Preferably do not wash blackberries until you need to use them.