Hausbrandt Milk Flavored Beverage Capsules 1x10

Dhs. 20.00


By Martino Zanetti
Milk Flavoured beverage Capsule
Milk Flavored beverage mix

The rich flavor of milk in a sweet beverage that is excellent alone, but also perfect for preparing delicious caffe’ macchiatos wherever you may be.

Treat yourself to a sweet, tasty and rich in milk flavor beverage with every Milk Flavored beverage capsule. Either you will enjoy the beverage as it is, or it can perfectly complement the coffee capsule blends to prepare a macchiato or a cappuccino.

You will feel Hausbrandt’s attention to flavor in each Milk Flavored beverage recyclable capsule you will use. Hausbrandt’s EPICA (Easy Peel Italian Capsule) is the first fully recyclable capsule aligning to the global sustainable trends. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to protect the environment.

MonViso Natural Mineral water is the perfect base when using the Guzzini coffee and tea machine in preparing the Hausbrandt Milk Flavored beverage capsule. It has been accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health as the best suitable water to prepare baby formula and foods. If it’s great for babies, for adults it’s extraordinary.

Beverage Characteristics:

Aroma: 3
Taste: 4
Body: 3
Sweetness: 5
Retronasal Aroma: 3

Packaging: 10 capsules per blister ; net weight per blister 65 gr


Only suitable for Guzzini | Hausbrandt coffee and tea machine