Hausbrandt Gourmet 100% Arabica Coffee Capsules 1x10

Dhs. 21.00


By Martino Zanetti
Gourmet Capsule
Roasted ground 100% Arabica coffee blend

A warm, citrusy aroma that hints of spices. A traditional, unique and acclaimed blend created to satisfy the most discriminating palates. Characterized by an intense, pleasing acidity that heightens the aromatic notes, it offers hints of bitter cocoa and macaroons in the aftertaste. Excellence in a cup, thanks to more than a century of history and experience. Since 1892, our history in a cup.

Coffee selected and processed using our traditional slow roasting system.

Coffee is personal. With every Gourmet capsule you will savor one that unfolds a citrusy aroma with hints of spices. Each sip leaves an aftertaste with hints of bitter cocoa and macarons. A unique blend prepared with the finest coffee beans and processed using Hausbrandt’s traditional slow roasting system.

Reward yourself to an excellent coffee, when using each Gourmet recyclable coffee capsule. E.P.I.CA (Easy Peel Italian Capsule) is the first fully recyclable capsule. You will be protecting the environment one coffee cup at a time.

In the preparation of coffee, one more thing is left to ensure it’s up to the par, the water. With MonViso Natural Italian Mineral water you will have the best “coffee water” with its low sodium content and low mineral count. Using it, will only elevate the Hausbdrandt coffee prepared the Italian way by the Guzzini coffee and tea machine.

Coffee Characteristics:

Aroma: 5
Body: 2
Acidity: 5
Sweetness: 3
Retronasal Aroma: 5

Packaging details: 10 capsules per blister; net weight per blister 70 gr

Packaging materials: PP, RECYCLABLE ALUMINIUM

Only suitable for Guzzini | Hausbrandt coffee and tea machines